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A Game Without Video

Hello! I am Michael Feffer and you have found the development blog for my thesis at SMU Guildhall. Since this is my first post, I think it's best to describe what I'm making: an audio game.

In most games, visuals are the primary form of communication; players see where to go, what to do, what to avoid, etc. Audio games are similar, except instead of seeing where to go, players hear where to go, what to do, what to avoid, etc.

The game I'm making for thesis, Aural Island, takes place on an island shrouded in shadows. On the island are 3 crystals/shards/magical speaker systems that hold the secret of escaping the island. These crystals emit a unique sound that stands out from the natural sounds of the island. Players navigate across the island, through different soundscapes, following the sounds of the crystals. The only visuals are a compass, to help navigate, and text, because without seeing or feeling the large rock that you just walked into, it's hard to tell that something's in your way.

There's plenty more to say, and I'll also talk about challenges of the project or anything interesting that comes up, but this is all for now.

Thanks for reading!

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