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Penn & Teller VR

This what I was initially hired to work on. It's not really a game, more like a tool to prank your friends. It featured unique asymmetrical "gameplay" where the person outside of VR interacts with the game to prank the person wearing the headset.​

Super weird project and I prefer working on real games, but it was a great opportunity and it was fun working with Penn and Teller

  • Designed and scripted multiple "bits" with unique asymmetric in-VR and outside-VR mechanics

  • Created and optimized materials for different VR platforms

  • Lead the process for porting to Android based Oculus Quest

  • Designed and scripted updates to asymmetric gameplay elements to work with an outside web app using HTML, Javascript, C++, and Unreal Blueprint

  • Worked with artists to update and optimize meshes, textures, and materials to work with Oculus Quest/Android limitations

  • Implemented animations and created physical animations

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