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For The Family

Development Overview

  • Role: Game Designer

  • Genre: Multiplayer FPS - Capture the Flag

  • Team Size: 9


  • Designed, iterated, and scripted gameplay mechanics

  • Provided gameplay mechanics, including weapons, movement, and pickups

  • Created and updated Game Design Document

  • Provided feedback for art, level design, and programming

Game Overview

For the Family is a multiplayer, capture the flag FPS set in the 1920s. Two mafia families, the Rossos and the Azzuros, Fight over the illegal alcohol market.

For the Family features 2 game modes:

  • Capture the Flask - players fight their way into the opposing family's club, steal the don's flask, and return to their own club

  • Bootlegger - Players fight to pick up a crate of alcohol from a single, neutral point, and bring it back to their adjacent bases


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